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Owning a yacht often seems like a big commitment. Along with the financial aspect of purchasing and servicing a yacht, you must arrange for the berth, regular maintenance and check-ups while you are also spending time of your long-awaited holidays to get the yacht ready for your sailing trip every time you want to use it. If you would like to own a yacht without having to worry about anything, or if you are not sure you could afford your dream yacht, maintain it or if you think that you will not be using it enough to be worth buying it, our Yachting World charter management is something that would fit in your plans.
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The World Yachting Charter Charter Management program is essentially our range of services that ensure our care of your yacht and its charter guests, making sure that your yacht reaches its charter income potential and retains as much value as possible over the years. This program is designed to make the yacht ownership as easy as it gets while it will also cover your yachts running costs and in certain charter management models bring additional profit, making your yacht purchase an investment.

Our charter management program has already been recognized by many satisfied owners.

Key benefits of charter management

  • excellent booking results, with more than 20 weeks per season
  • financial security with insurance against loss of charter income (in the event of a damage)
  • high maintenance standards ensure best resale value for your yacht regardless of its age
  • special purchase conditions for your yacht
  • high-quality aftersales support with prompt processing of claims throughout warranty
  • favourable financing conditions through affiliate leasing companies
  • transparent cash flow reports through constant insight in income and expenses
  • easy sale or trade in with our brokerage support

What about yacht Maintenance?

Sometimes the build year of the yacht is not that important – regardless of the yachts age, a properly maintained yacht is the only way to a satisfied charter guest and at the same time the key to a successful business process. Consequently, our professionally educated staff constantly supervises the condition of the yacht and its equipment. With regular services we act in advance in order to prevent any bigger malfunctions and to provide a safe and high-quality vacation for charter guests. With continuous supervision and maintenance, we ensure the longevity of your yacht and equipment as well as a higher price in charter and a higher market value when you decide to sell the yacht. The owner of the yacht has a permanent insight in maintenance processes and their cost – the yachts that we hold in our bases are the best evidence of the quality of service that we provide.

As an official Hanse representative, we guarantee high-quality aftersales support with prompt processing of claims throughout warranty and after the warranty has passed. In fact, we will make all the warranty claims for you to ensure the yacht is always in top condition.


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Organizing regatta events

If you prefer the excitement that bring you regatta events, then all care about the organization leave to us.

Boat maintenance

Boat maintenance, as a whole, is actually quite similar to automobile maintenance. Bringing Your Boat in for Maintenance.

Charter management

Is sum of activities in which we take care about your sailboat and people which are sailing with it.

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